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List of Mediators

Mediators on the roster for the Fourth Judicial District of Iowa meet the following requirements: 

  • Have taken at minimum a 24 hour accredited basic mediation training
  • Have taken a 24 hour domestic relations mediation training
  • Are willing to mediate pro bono cases, as assigned by the court

Our mediator roster is listed below.  Click a specific name to view more details or print the information for a specific mediator.  To filter the list of mediators, set the appropriate search criteria and click the "Search for Mediators" button. 

For example:  To determine which roster mediators mediate in your county, select your county from the "Search by County drop down list and click the "Search for Mediators" button.  Even if their office is not in your county, these mediators must be willing to mediate in your county and will not charge you for their travel time and mileage.